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Friday, 16 October 2020

Piacenza : Stolen Klimt to Be Exhibited on November

A "stolen" Klimt painting from the Piacenza Gallery in 1997, was mysteriously discovered behind that wall in December 2019 and will be exhibited in the same gallery on November 28. 

The famous "Portrait of a Lady" by the Austrian master Gustav Klimt was once listed as one of the world's largest stolen works of art and will be exhibited at the Ricci Oddi Museum of Modern Art.

Organizers said that these works will be placed in the honor gallery of the museum and protected by special security cases.

In January, two Piacenza thieves confessed to stealing and then returning the Klimt portrait which was declared to be authentic after being found in the bowels of the museum in the northern town it was stolen from.. According to the local daily Liberta' report, the police are still investigating reports of local banks paying ransoms.

During the work of clearing the ivy covering the outer walls of the gallery in December, a gap closed by a door was discovered, behind which was a bag with photos.

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