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Monday, 19 October 2020

Italy: new emergency rules to stop Covid-19


A new emergency decree issued by Italy on Sunday introduced further rules designed to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 


Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed the new restrictions in detail on Sunday, October 18, only five days after the signing of the last Italian decree New restrictions, including the new rules for restaurants and the mayor’s new power to close busy squares, are not as strict as many expected. 

Many new or strict regulations are designed to prevent crowds from gathering in nightlife venues, and the Conte government seems to resist the pressure to take more sweeping measures.

If crowds start to gather, the local mayor will be given new powers after 9pm to block streets and squares. (The order does not apply to residents of restricted areas).

Local festivals and fairs or carnivals that are very common in Italy will also be banned, affecting the industry. According to Coldiretti, the agricultural federation, the industry represents 34,000 jobs and has an annual turnover of 900 million euros. 


Although the Italian government previously recommended that only six guests can be accommodated at a time, it has now ruled that a maximum of six guests can be accommodated at the restaurant table. 

All restaurant owners need to display a sign indicating the maximum capacity of the restaurant. Restaurants, bars, gelatin and other catering businesses without table service must close at 6pm.

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