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Friday, 23 October 2020

Germany: big rise in toilet paper sales


The country’s statistics office said on Thursday that in Germany, sales of toilet paper and disinfectants have risen again because Europe’s largest economy is facing a second wave of coronavirus


The office said on Twitter: "The purchase of hamsters has started again." He used German to mean panic buying or hoarding. 

In a separate statement, the company stated that compared with pre-crisis levels, toilet paper sales surged by 89.9% last week, while disinfectants (increased by 72.5%) and soaps (increased by 62.3%) were also high. .

Compared with other large European countries such as the United Kingdom and France, Germany has achieved greater success in containing the pandemic, but the number of cases has been steadily increasing in the past few weeks. On Thursday, Germany reported more than 10,000 new daily COVID-19 infections every day for the first time. 


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