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Friday, 23 October 2020

Doukato: the most beautiful and intriguing lighthouse in Lefkada


Greece has a long and rich maritime tradition, with lighthouses scattered across its lands and accompanied by years of storytelling and narrative. 

Shrouded in legends and traditions from centuries ago, the history of the Doukato lighthouse in Lefkada is one of the most beautiful and intriguing. Even if you have been to Lefkada many times on vacation, you probably never heard a romantic story related to this particular lighthouse before. Doukato lighthouse and the legend of lovers The famous cape is one of the most famous rocks of antiquity and is identified with Homeric Lefka Petri. 


At the Doukato lighthouse, the line between legend and real events begins to blur. It is said to have white rocks at a height of 60 meters above the waves of the Ionian Sea in 1200 BC. sacrifices were made to appease the gods and the Storm Spirit.

In the 6th century, the story (backed up by historical research) says that in those days, heartbroken lovers jumped from a rock to death. Many ancient poets included this practice in their verses, with Sappho being the most prominent. The poet is said to have fallen to death from the cliff of Lefkata above the man she loved. 

The myth still exists today, which is why it is called Point of the Lady. This is the site where a lighthouse was later built to commemorate Sappho and love. How to get to The Lighthouse Doukato Doukato Lighthouse was built in 1890 with a tower 14 meters high and a focal height of 70 meters. After passing Porto Katsiki at the southeast corner of the island, the dirt road reaches the southernmost part of the island, Cape Lefkatas or Niras or Cape of Lady or Cape Doukato, or Sappho's Leap. Whatever you call it, the locals will tell you where it is. 


It is 50 kilometers from the city of Lefkada and you will enjoy unique views of Kefalonia and Ithaca. Lefkada is an ideal destination for tourists because of its convenient transportation to the mainland via short suspension bridges or short boat rides.

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