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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Sfentili, The real “Atlantis” of Greece


The Greek island of Crete has its own real "Atlantis", named Sfentili... Sfentili is a seaside village 38 kilometers away from Heraklion.

It sank a few years ago and became famous, but then it began to appear from the bottom of the sea. In the past 17 years, due to the construction of the Aposelemi Dam in the area, the abandoned villages have been submerged under water and then re-paved.

Sfentili is located in the artificial lake of the Aposelemi Dam, a few kilometers away from Hersonissos.

The name of the settlement is linked to a family named Sfendilos, which has been proven in Crete since ancient times. During the reign of Venice, this was the fief of the Latin diocese of Herronissos since 1248.

In 2015, most of the land was covered, but due to the prolonged drought in Crete, it has now almost completely disappeared. 


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