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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Italy : Francesco Totti Visits Fan in Hospital



Former ASRoma and Italian great Francesco Totti visited a fan at the Gemellihospital in Rome on Monday after taking part in an attempt to bring her out of a coma. 

Totti recorded a message that was played back to Ileni Matilli during her coma after a nasty road accident in December which killed her friend and bandmate. 


The woman, a huge Roma fan despite playing football for their local rivals Lazio, came out of it last week. “We hugged. Ilenia was crying and it was touching for both of us, ”said Totti. "I'm happy. I would have helped sooner if I had known. We'll meet again when he leaves.

Matilli's father said that Totti "always spontaneously, like talking to his brother. "He is a good man. This is a day we will always remember." Her mother emphasized, "The road is still long"-"Francesco has promised us to eat when Elenia walks again." 


The World Football Council FIFA attracted people's attention to this story through Twitter. "@ASRomaEN Legend @Totti recorded an encouraging video message a few months ago, and he was there when he showed up on Monday," it said: "We are all with you, Elinia".

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