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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Italy: Military hospitals will be used to isolate immigrants Quarantine

The Interior Ministry said on Tuesday that migrants arriving in Italy could be subjected to coronavirus quarantine in military hospitals. 

Soon after the announcement, it turned out that 13 migrants who had obtained a positive result on COVID-19 after the weekend discharge of Calabria would be transferred to Rome Celio Military Hospital. This move took place after the government announced another invitation to express interest in owners who want to rent ships that will be used for COVID-19 quarantine after the first call that has not received offers. A new invitation is open for offers until July 16.

The ministry said it still "attaches the utmost importance to protecting the health of citizens, especially in regions such as Sicily and Calabria, which are most vulnerable to the autonomous arrival of migrants." 

The ministry said it "strengthened surveillance measures, including for local reception centers, with the option of moving quarantined migrants to military hospitals as needed." After the arrival of asylum seekers infected with coronavirus, there was tension in some parts of southern Italy. 

Migrants transferred to the Celio facility were quarantined in a facility in the city of Amantea, and soldiers watched 24 hours a day after being part of a group of about 70 Bangladesh who landed on Saturday at Roccella Ionica. In addition, the swabs showed that 11 migrants from a group of 60 Asians who landed in the Sicilian port of Pozzallo on Monday, are positive for COVID-19.

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