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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Italy: COVID-19 limitations extended to end July

Health Minister Roberto Speranza asked the Senate to submit a new government decree extending restrictions aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus to July 31.

"Today 13 million people have been infected and half a million have died," said Speranza.

"It is obvious that we cannot lower our vigilance and we cannot be divided on this matter.

"There is a debate in the scientific community, but nobody says you don't have to wear a face mask, keep your distance or wash your hands."

The measures include the obligation to wear face masks in public transport, in shops, public offices, hospitals and clinics and in workplaces where people cannot be at least one meter apart.

"There can be zero risk without a vaccine," said the minister.

"We cannot underestimate the risk of a pandemic. Virus circulation speeds up and doesn't lose strength. "

He said the government is sticking to its "cautious line" regarding arrivals from outside Europe after several outbreaks in Italy resulting from imported infection cases.

"We cannot go back with preventive measures to revive our economy," said Speranza.

"We cannot make sacrifices in vain.

"Today, arrivals and transit from 13 countries are banned.

We will constantly update this list, and the 14-day quarantine will remain for all visitors from non-European countries.

"We are threatened to import a new coronavirus from foreign nationals or Italian citizens returning home.

"Maximum attention also applies to landing of migrants with a quarantine period.

"Nothing will be underestimated."

The minister added that the government has not yet decided to extend the state of emergency of the coronavirus, considering its extension until the end of October.

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