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Thursday, 16 July 2020

Italy: 2019 is the third hottest year since 1961

ISPRA, the research center of the Ministry of the Environment said on Thursday that 2019 is the third-highest year in Italy since 1961. 

It said that 2018 was the hottest and 2015 was the second hottest. ISPRA said that last year's "abnormal peak" was in June. The temperature in the north was 4.25°C higher than normal, the temperature in the center was 4.0°C higher, and the temperature in the south was 3.27°C higher.

According to the report, between June 26 and 29, 2019, the heat was “especially strong”. This is when new records are set in the Northwest and the Alps.

The report said that "a major extreme weather event" also occurred last year. These included a severe storm that hit Liguria and Piedmont on October 21. In November, the weather was extremely bad.

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