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Thursday, 18 June 2020

The opera returns to Vienna with the hotel's "window concert"

A hotel in Vienna was abandoned by tourists, and it was temporarily changed for one night, and turned into an outdoor concert hall.

The visitor’s bedroom was empty during the coronavirus blockade and later turned into an opera house. At night, the hotel’s yard became a stage, creating a rare happy hour in the music city on Saturday.

Two opera singers and a string ensemble were invited to perform at the "Zeitgeist" hotel. As they performed in the yard, the audience looked through the windows of the more than 40 rooms they rented that night.

They approved and applauded the head of the tuxedo conductor and his elegant soprano Monika Medek.

Hotel director Andreas Purtscher said that the "window concert" paid reservations sold out within three days. Purtscher said that the purpose of the concert is to give artists an opportunity to perform again and "help people get rid of their difficulties and find a normal feeling in their interactions with others." 

He hopes that this will "eliminate some of the fears that arise during the restrictions." Purtscher said he expects the difficult period to last for at least a year until the industry resumes normal activity.

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