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Wednesday, 17 June 2020

EU travel to resume, First tourists arrive in Italy

Most air and land restrictions between EU countries and the Schengen area were lifted on Monday and the re-opening process will continue on Tuesday. Tourists in Italy. Tourists began to appear in Italy on June 3, but now there is hope for a whole new beginning.

Hundreds of flights have been planned at airports, and you can now have full passenger loads thanks to the new hand baggage regulations. There are about 120 flights at Rome Fiumicino Airport, including arrivals and departures, and connections to 12 European countries. Tourists. The first major tourist movements were noted, especially regarding arriving Germans. Services have also been started for Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain, and Luxembourg. Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, the Netherlands, Belarus, and Croatia complete the picture. It is estimated that there will be over 10,000 passengers.

"By the end of summer we will be returning to 50% of flights in 2019," forecasts Aeroporti di Roma. Milan. Similarly, at Milan Malpensa airport, which opened Terminal 1 with over 150 flights. Land borders. Regarding land borders, Austria reopened the Brennero Pass on Tuesday: travel warning to Lombardy still applies. But some tourists from Austria and Germany have already begun to fill the historic center of Bolzano and the Brenner motorway.

The international Alpine Piccolo San Bernardo crossing, between France and Italy in Valle d'Aosta and Gran San Bernardo, to Switzerland, has also been reopened. In Piedmont, the French side of Colle del Moncenisio reopened, and Slovenia removed the physical barriers established in recent months at the secondary crossings of Trieste, although random checks remain.
The mayors of Gorizia and Mayor of New Gorica cut the ribbon at the intersection of San Gabriel.

In other parts of Europe, Greece has reopened to several non-European countries including Australia, China and South Korea. Other countries like Austria have adopted different methods and postponed the reopening period by a few days. 

Madrid will open its borders with other EU countries by June 21, with the exception of Portugal. 

Source: Ansa

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